Our Story starts here with my Grandfather a long time ago, about 50

years.  When I was a small boy growing up on his private airport,

where on weekends I would spend the day watching him fly sky

divers.  Always ready to  go for the ride if there was room, quite

exciting for a small boy being in an airplane with no door watching

grown men risking it all for the thrill of it.  I was to young to be of

much help so mostly I just got in the way but it led to a lifetime love

of aviation after attending Spartan School of Aeronautics ( go black cat ) one of the best Aviation schools in the world.  I

headed for my first aviation job in Ketchikan, AK, one of the last great places on earth.  Since then I have worked on aircraft all over the state of Alaska places like Barrow, Dead Horse, Nome, Bethel, Sitka and enjoying all of it even though at times it was tough dealing with the cold at minus 40 in the Arctic to the Hurricane force winds of South East.  So we know a thing or two of what the aircraft and pilots have to go through to get the job done.  Our Goal here at Broken Wings Aviation is for you to first enjoy your flight and second to keep your Aircraft running efficiently and safely so that you always get to enjoy another beautiful day of Flying in Alaska or where ever the winds might take you.

Thank you


Nicholas Hashey

CEO Broken Wings Aviation LLC  

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